With over 10 years of experience in hardware and accessories, we have established a brand, “NUBWO” which picks up all number one quality spareparts to manufacture supreme quality accessories. We monitor the production one on one with a trustable factory and make sure the products that come to your hand will not disappoint you.

Each of NUBWO product has its own unique special design and specification, lots of variations for your selection and stunning colors. Each NUBWO product is given a specific name to go with, suchas, Phelan, Lucian, Olcan, Raze, Bardolf and a lot more. We have manufactured over 15 different types of mouse and keyboards since 2013 and we have sold over 50000 units every month.

“We need to be sure that the Mouse and Keyboards you are holding is perfect for you, that is why it took us almost a decade to complete our research and become confident with the production of the tools we make. We are on our journey to advanced perfection by monitoring and caring of each part of the units we produce, is a good start of this journey”.

In June 2013, we launched our first pair of accessories in the NUBWO Series, the Lucian Gaming Mouse and the Lycan Gaming Keyboard. With a special packing and high end materials, these 2 items got sold out in less than a week. Followed by the powerful Bardolf, and Raze mice which comes with a strong body and lighting up Laser Logos. Also not to forget the Skeleton, the unique design of the mouse that you will never find anywhere else. Then comes the other set in the mouse series, the Olcan, Phelan and the Colorful Aquila.

By November 2014, our new Nubwo X Series has been launched into the market with a very high and positive response from Gamers around the country. The new Alien and Omega programmable mouse and the first ever keyboard that uses the new Suspension Technology has been one of our many successful High-End Products, not to forget the headphones, Gladiator and Inferno, the new set of Stereo Gaming Headphones which will blow your mind while you blow your opponents away.

Our Prime Products were displayed in the China Sourcing Fair Exhibition in 2013 and received a great feedback from viewers from all around the world. Our products also became the highlight in Thailand’s Commart 2013 and Mobile Expo Exhibition in 2013.